Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

If a homeowner is thinking about getting a metal roof, there are several things to consider. The fact is, there are both pros and cons related to this material that a person must know before making an investment. Keep reading to learn about some of the specific benefits offered by the installation of a metal roof.

Life Expectancy

When metal roofing material is installed properly it will last as long or longer than the house. It will effectively seal out water, be able to survive high winds, and shed snow. Metal is also resistant to rot, fire, insects, and mildew.

While the warranties for metal roofing will vary greatly, most companies will back their products for between 20 and 50 years. If the metal material is finished with paint, they will typically have a limited warranty of 30-years.

The Weight

Compared to how much tile or concrete weighs, metal roofing is considered a very lightweight material. Thanks to the light weight of metal roofing, it’s possible to save on engineering and the construction of the support structure. If a person is building an addition or entire house, they can reduce or downsize the needed roof support members and usually reduce labor costs.

In some situations, metal roofing can be applied over an existing roof surface. This can be done without having to tear off the existing roofing material or alter the support structure.

Easy and Fast Installation Process

Modern metal roofing materials are offered in several shingle sections. They can also be purchased in 12- to 36-inch wide panels. A quality contractor will be able to install these quickly.

If a homeowner has a roof that has been stripped away and a storm is in the forecast, being able to shorten the installation by a day or two can be extremely beneficial. There’s also the labor savings benefit that must be considered.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by metal roofing. Being informed is going to provide a person with the resources and information needed to make the right decision. It’s also necessary to find the right contractor for the job to achieve the quality and desired results for the home and the homeowner.