Tips for Affordable Lift Maintenance Services in Singapore

As a person ages, a stair lift can help them to remain independent and maintain access to their entire home. Once a lift is installed, it is very important to keep this piece of equipment in good working condition. This is not only to keep the equipment safe, it is also to make sure it remains reliable. Below are some tips on making sure that this investment stays well maintained.

Scheduled Service

Preventative maintenance is the best, especially when it is scheduled on a regular basis. There is no need to wait for a problem to occur to make a call for someone to come out. Even when a stair lift appears to be working properly, it is still a good idea to have a technician that is trained in there to give it a good going over. Their expertise allows them to spot any problems before they get serious enough to be noticed in day to day use. Schedule a routine maintenance check annually. When one takes place, go ahead and tell them to put your on their follow up calendar for the same time the following year.

Care for the Rails

It is relatively easy to care for the rails on a stair lift. This will keep it in top shape. Make a point to keep household items and other obstructions clear from the rails to prevent any damage. Take the time to dust the rails off each week to help maintain their performance.

Pay Attention to the Ride

Be aware of how the lift performs when being used. If there are changes from one day to the next, pay attention to this. When there are any unusual noises or the ride starts to get bumpy, go ahead and place a call to a technician before the problem gets worse.

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