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Ways to Have a Healthy Life, After Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain is one of the most important organs in our body which allows us to coordinate actions and reactions, enables us to think and store feelings and worthwhile memories. Brain allows us to express our thoughts and emotions which makes human unique among all. Yet, some circumstances may happen putting our brain at stake. This can either be due to some accidents like car or motorcycle accidents, sport injuries or assault. It could result to traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injury is defined as a sudden damage to brain which can be caused by a blast or a heavy impact on the brain. In global incidence, there are over 939 cases to happen per 100,000 people; thus, 69.0 million people around the globe could get traumatic brain injury. Some people can go back to their daily lives after suffering from it while others may last longer an may lead to lifelong impairment. But, you don’t have to worry. Don’t let it hinder us in attaining a fulfilling life.
The following are the things that you can do after a traumatic brain injury.
First of all, you need to heal yourself emotionally. TBI patient would most likely to grieve for the life they had. After doing so, you can then accept an move on. Second, get a firm grasp on your symptoms. This allows the patient to know their limits and know the areas or things that they need to improve. Third, you have to acquire a fund for your needs. Having this injury can be very costly since aside from medical bills, you also need to see some physician and attend therapies. You should make the person responsible to pay it for you. You can make it through personal injury lawsuit process to be processed by your lawyer. Fourth, you may consider having a brain exercise. You can use it to improve the skills you have lost. Fifth, modify your favorite activities. After the TBI most patient would most likely have a limited activities and they cannot do the things that they were used to. In this case, some modifications may help you out where you can still do it but not in the same way. Next, creating a system to stay organize is the sixth way. Using labels, sticky notes, planner, or your phone can help you stay organize. Seventh, seeing a therapist might help you. People suffering TBI can possibly get PSTD or Post-traumatic stress disorder. Seeing a therapist can help you get on track before it becomes worst. Eight, share the workload. You should refrain yourself from working too much for this might not help in recovering quickly.

Suffering from this injury can change the way we look at the world. You can consider the tips and ways to improve yourself as after the TBI.