The Test Needed to Become a Project Manager at Many Companies Will be Changing

Skilled project managers help entire teams meet deadlines and deliver high-quality products. Project management is as much a science as any other business-critical activity, meaning that training and knowledge are always important.

Become a project manager who possesses respected certifications, and companies everywhere will take notice. Taking the Project Management Institute (PMI) exam required to obtain the most widely sought certificate has become a rite of passage for many ambitious professionals. With that test being reorganized for the coming year, project managers everywhere are doubling down on preparation.

A New Approach for the PMI Exam

The PMI certification exam was last overhauled about five years ago. Since then, quite a few major developments in the field of project management have made another rethinking of the test appropriate.

The team at PMI that puts together each year’s exam has committed to a new structure for next year’s test. This rethinking of the exam is meant to better align it with contemporary conclusions about effective project management.

That means doing away with the emphasis on project management processes that had so profoundly informed the existing version of the exam. Instead of the recognized stages of the project management process being used to break the test up into sections, questions concerning them will be collected under a single heading.

This will allow the exam to explore a wider variety of perspectives and how project managers can productively employ them. A new section focusing specifically on the human side of project management, for instance, will be used to asses the softer skills of test-takers.

Another section that includes questions centering on environmental factors should also make the test an even better indicator of project management abilities. Professionals who were recruited to help with the reorganization of the test believe these should all be helpful, valuable developments.

Plenty of Preparation Will Still be Needed

The upcoming version of the PMI exam should feel a bit more familiar and natural to working project managers. Even given that, anyone who hopes to pass the test the first time will still do well to study and prepare for it extensively. All that effort will inevitably pay off, since PMI certification is so valuable to anyone who works in project management.